Monday, 21 January 2008

Just listen..

Can't you listen the words my heart is telling you?
The words that my heart sillently tells you..
Can't you read the sings i show you?
Is about you that I'm telling you about..
The pain inside me growes up eveytime i see you away from here..
The tears resist flowing donw in my face.
And I just can make it stop..

Can't you understand all that i've telling you all this time?

I know you do..
But i also know that right, I'm living a illusion..
The illusion of my life..

The same that in other times i fall on..

I just can say I'm sorry for being so child..
For belive in a dream..
For being me..

I'm sorry.. It's all what i can say..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Illusion is a bliss
For the world is full of tears
If we must dream so be it
So we cast away our fears.

Not all is pain and grief
We shall be free in the end
We must endure this colossal task
That is life and love we lend!